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GDPR. Privacy Compliance by Quadient®

Respond quickly to GDPR data requests to drive an exceptional customer experience. Quadient’s integrated suite of technology supports organizations in their challenge to stay ahead of the competition while safeguarding their privacy compliance. Our flexible combination of data management and customer communications management technology enables organizations to take control over [...]

The convergence of Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Bringing Your Customer Communications into the 21st Century and into Alignment with Customer Expectations. When it comes to the customer experience (CX) strategy, customer communications are often one of the most overlooked – yet critical – components of the customer journey. In many cases, the CX strategy tends to focus [...]


A customer journey is the set of interactions a customer has with your business to complete a task such as evaluating, onboarding, getting support, or renewing a product or service. Taking a step back, Customer Journey Management is an omnichannel customer engagement strategy that takes an outside-in approach from the [...]

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Many-channel communication vs Multi-channel communication. – Businesses generally contract providers of different communication channels for multi-channel communications, and each provider usually delivers its results separately without taking the rest into account. This is Many-channel communication, repeatedly launching messages to the same customer through many channels with an unsatisfactory or even [...]

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Multi-channel communication as part of information management in the Spanish insurance sector. Implications for the ICT department.

The IDC consultancy whitepaper, which was obtained after a discussion with representative companies in the sector, deals with multi-channel communication and information management in the Spanish insurance sector. After presenting the particular issues of the insurance industry with respect to customer information management processes, the article defines the priorities of [...]

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MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING AUTOMATION: The next frontier for operational marketing. On, Off, Above, Below, Left Behind… We’re talking about Noline Communication.

New generations of consumers are regular users of the Internet and smart phones, spending more time online than watching TV or reading magazines. This shift in consumer behavior is changing the way of carrying out marketing and thus customer communication, which is becoming a convergence of direct marketing and mass-marketing. [...]