Customer Comms
The company has strong international partnerships that enable it to undertake projects with multi-national companies and to understand the laws and regulations relating to customer communications of each member of the group.


Founded in Zurich-Switzerland in 1962 by a business group highly specialized in the field of documental business communication services.

The partners in eFORMA’s network are located in: the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Israel, Argentina, South Africa, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

IHMC (International Hybrid Mail Coalition)

The International Hybrid Mail Coalition was established in June 2012 to promote the international communication of physical and digital documents through mail channels in a secure environment.

IHMC members are: Docapost (France), Postel (Italy), Poligrafico Roggero and Tortia (Italy), Doxee (Italy), Click2Mail (USA), MailTecK (Spain), Michael Schiffer (Germany), CFH (UK), Iseto (Japan).