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Consultancy and Services

At Customer Comms we offer a technology consultancy service designed to help companies drive digital transformation in customer communications.

We provide technological services and solutions, with proprietary technology, to manage automated multi-channel communication processes,both marketing and transactional, using online and offline physical and digital channels together with BigData and advanced analytics.

Our large team of skilled professionals, with over 20 years’ experience in information technology applied to individualized communication, will provide you with technological solutions and a comprehensive professional service ranging from expert advice, to analysis, development, integration and implementation, as well as maintenance and assistance or support after the solutions have been implemented.
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Automated communication processes, through online and offline channels, enables the customization of a message in an extensive database and its adaptation to the response of the customer in real-time.

The automated management of marketing campaigns gives us complete control of the process, individually reaching each customer with the content that is the most interesting to them at the most appropriate time, which is not possible to achieve through the manual management of an extensive database.

Through Marketing Automation, we optimize commercial relations based on the stage of the customer journey that the customer is in, including including acquisition, conversion and loyalty.

The automatic reporting system allows messages to be adapted based on real-time responses, which facilitates the final translation and enrichment of the database, taking the behavior of each customer into account.

The optimization of the process facilitates the reduction of cost and marketing staff time, boosting productivity and efficiency and resulting in a remarkable increase in ROI.

Main Marketing Automation applications:

  • Marketing Database: Data Quality, Data management, Data segmentation.
  • Campaign Management: Design, Set-up, Automation.
  • Lead Management: Nurturing, Scoring, Routing.
Supported by:

  • Printing, Email, SMS and Mobile multi-channel communications.
  • Customized Landing Pages.
  • CRM integration.
  • Social network integration.
  • BigData and advanced analytics.
Marketing Automation

Transactional Communication

Transactional customer communication can become one of the most powerful loyalty tools when processes are automated and highly customized messages are incorporated.

Automated processes for documentary customer communication and message customization increases their level of satisfaction with a considerable increase in their Net Promoter Score.

Furthermore, the ability to automate workflow design and approval with joint intervention from all the departments that create content considerably reduces execution times and decreases operating costs of the process, leading to an increase in ROI.

Customer Comms’s TransPromo solutions (transactional + promotional) for transactional communication, whether for bills, policies, statements or any other administrative communication, provide the ability to integrate a variety of colors, images and graphics into their design with full customization of the message and a strong impact on the customer loyalty level.

Benefits in transactional and transpromo communication:

  • Collaborative interdepartmental design and composition of communications.
  • Electronic formats (Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment-EBPP).
  • High level of safety in processes. ISO 27001.
  • Maximum variability in graphics, colors, images, messages, channels,...
  • Compliance with strict service level agreements.
  • Maintenance of quality, consistency and speed in the highest volumes.
  • Risk and error reduction through complete automation of the process.
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