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We place our large team of experts at your disposal.

Consulting and Sales.
Consultants, and Presale and Account Managers are available to provide any solution to the needs that arise for our clients.
Their know-how in individualized multi-channel communication is backed by many years of experience.
Analytics, Design, Development, Maintenance and Support.
Specialists in different areas, with many years of experience in every area of execution.
Industrial Engineer
Business Administration Graduate.
He has spent his entire professional life in the field of graphic communications in Spanish and multinational companies.
He has spent the last 25 years in direct graphic customer communication companies.
Managing Director and shareholder of the MAILTECK group since its establishment in 1994.
Developer of technology companies and customer communication services.
Javier Echebarría
Javier Echebarría
Industrial Engineer, MBA and PhD in Nuclear Technology
More than 15 years’ experience in key Senior management positions in major international corporations in such fields as media and publishing at Bertelsman AG Spain, construction with Lafarge, travel with TUI and consulting with Capgemini.
Alfonso Antolínez
Alfonso Antolínez
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Computer Engineer
15 years’ experience in the technology industry in Spanish and multi-national companies, assuming different responsibilities in Commercial-Sales departments.
He has spent the last 5 years in technology companies for direct graphic customer communication.
David Griñán
David Griñán
Commercial Director
Telecommunication Engineer
Master in Systems Management and IT.

Vast expertise in Technology Department Management in Communications and Technology Service Corporations.

More than 20 years of front line experience in leading Development and Consulting Projects in a wide variety of sectors such as Communications,Retail and Insurance.

>Gregorio Cortés
Gregorio Cortés
IT and Communications Operation Manager
IT Engineer
Extensive experience in the development of systems and infrastructures in communications, telecommunications and engineering companies.
20 years’ experience in Information Technology and Communications departments, coordinating development teams.
11 years’ experience in customized customer communication solutions in MAILTECK
Félix Ruiz
Félix Ruiz
Technical Director
IT Engineer
Extensive supplementary training in Security (Spanish Personal Data Protection Act, ISO 27001 standard) and Spanish Personal Data Protection Act and ISO 9001 auditing.
Expert in IT Quality and Methodology. High knowledge of ERP (Microsoft Dynamics NAV).
24 years in the industry of graphic communication in departments of various IT areas. Experience in project management and coordination of work teams.
19 years in the MAILTECK group
Sonia Lasheras
Sonia Lasheras
Systems and Information
Security Director
Business Administration Graduate
20 years of experience in administration and management control in Spanish and international companies.
10 years’ experience in the MAILTECK group.
Rafa Pastor
Rafael Pastor
Managing Director - Finance
IT engineer
IT engineer with “cum laude” mention, with more than 15 years experience in information technology in the public and private sector.

Responsible for the leadership, development and implementation of projects and integral technology solutions for centralized multichannel communications management (CCM).

Six years of experience in the transformation of communications for companies and their clients.
Moisés Fimat
Moisés Fimat
Delivery Manager
Bachelor’s degree in Labour Studies and certified in Labour Relations
Master’s in the specialisation Human Resources Management.

With 15 years of experience in internationally prestigious organisations and an extensive professional career in the area of consulting and in management positions within the HR field.
Sonia Arias
Sonia Arias
Human Resource Manager

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