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The automotive industry is a major user of mass media advertising, and its sales are channeled through owned and franchised dealerships to a greater extent.

The modern automotive vehicle buyer is highly informed via the Internet of the options available to them, not only to purchase alternative products, but to find the desired product at the best price. To do this, they use the RONPOFF (Research ON / Purchase ON) method, in other words, searching online and then buying at the store.

In order to influence the buyer, they must be accompanied on their shopping trip, from their Internet search, using Lead Generation techniques; and following up with Lead Nurturing techniques; until they reach the dealership where the sale is completed, including frequent cross-selling of products such as insurance and financing at this point. However, for the manufacturer and the dealership, the customer value increases with the acquisition of accessories and spare parts as well as periodic inspections and repairs. The space for using multi-channel direct marketing is during the Trade Marketing process with the dealership.

To do this, Customer Comms provides Communicalia as solutions for individualized online and offline multi-channel communication for both the automotive company and the dealership, which will manage the Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and Trade Marketing communication processes, with advanced analytics applied to both historical and behavioral data to accompany the customer on their customer journey until they arrive at the dealership, giving them the best experience.
Customer Comms helps automotive companies to:
  • Find out the customer buying cycle and interact with it.
  • Improve opportunities for cross/up-selling.
  • Strengthen brand image with the latest communication proposals.
  • Retain and gain the loyalty of customers of any profile.
  • Give autonomy to the dealership in customer communications.
  • Locate new customers (List Broking).
Customer Comms accompanies automotive companies in the gradual transformation of offline communications to online channels, through the “Go Less Printing” program which can reduce the consumption of printed paper and its associated costs.


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