Customer Comms
As a result of the need to reach the donor in the early stages of natural and humanitarian disasters, the non-profit organization (NGO) sector has become an intense user of individualized multi-channel customer communications.

NGOs use traditional direct marketing techniques on paper and through contact centers, although the current trend is to carry out digital marketing actions combined with mailing campaigns as a result of shrinking budgets and execution times.

NGO supporters are sensitive to social work and react quickly when they are asked for help using direct communication techniques. To meet this need for immediacy in communications, Comms Customer has created Communicalia, a platform for the design, creation and distribution of online and offline communications, allowing the supporter’s reaction to be known for each channel in real-time.
Customer Comms helps NGOs to:
  • Reduce the Time to Market of campaigns.
  • Integrate online and offline channels.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by communicating through their preferred channel.
  • Reduce the volume of call center management with clearer messages.
  • Better understand the supporter and their interaction in real-time communications.
  • Retain and gain the loyalty of customers of any profile.
  • Locate new customers (List Brokerage).
Customer Comms accompanies NGOs in the gradual transformation of offline communications to online channels, through the “Go Less Printing” program which can reduce the consumption of printed paper and its associated costs.