Customer Comms
Retail companies are faced with a consumer who is highly informed of their purchase options by the Internet. To do this, customers use the RON / POFF (Research ON / Purchase ON) process to inform themselves and research online, before they eventually to buy at the store. However, a highly negative practice for retail companies has started at stores: ROFF / PON (Research OFF / Purchase ON), through which consumers look at the store and then shop online, making the retail company’s store a shop window for its competitors on the Internet.

The most effective solution to this threat is to have a direct relationship with the customer through Direct Marketing techniques, combining BigData with advanced analytical processes and the use of Marketing Automation to follow the customer throughout their buying cycle.

Customer Comms provides the Communicalia platform for online and offline multi-channel communications, enabling the application of analytics for both historical and behavioral data throughout the customer’s life cycle in a continuous process with real-time information.
Retail companies can have multiple benefits from it:
  • Find out the customer buying cycle and interact with customers.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by communicating through their preferred channel.
  • Reduce the volume of call center management through clearer information and messages.
  • Cross-selling and up-selling management with promotional offers integrated in transactional messages.
  • Strengthen brand image with the latest communication proposals.
  • Retain and gain the loyalty of customers of any profile.
  • Give autonomy to the channel in customer communications.
Customer Comms accompanies retail companies in the gradual transformation of offline communications to online channels, through the “Go Less Printing” program which can reduce the consumption of printed paper and its associated costs.