Customer Comms
With their high churn levels and reduced margins, the success of telecom companies depends on reducing customer attrition rates, optimizing processes and improving customer service, which is fundamental in retention processes.

Customer retention involves the commercialization of fixed packs, content, and mobile and Internet solutions, all of which are used to enhance communication through various on/offline channels and in different formats. This has highly complicated customer communication processes.

Furthermore, energy companies have begun to face a similar scenario with service deregulation, increased competition and the need to increase the supply of services related to the family home, to get a higher turnover from initial payment while gaining loyalty.

Customer loyalty is the key to success in business profitability. Individualized multi-channel customer communications are necessary to implement retention strategies, and provide a vital opportunity to achieve this goal.
Customer Comms offers the Communicalia platform for online and offline multi-channel communications, improving the customer experience with your services company by helping to:
  • Provide your customers with information receiving channels in line with the technological service offered.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by communicating through their preferred channel.
  • Reduce the volume of call center management through clearer information and messages.
  • Cross / up-selling with promotional offers in transactional messages.
  • Strengthen brand image with the latest communication proposals.
  • Retain and ensure loyalty with adhoc messages to residential and business customers.
Customer Comms accompanies telecom and energy companies in the gradual transformation of offline communications to online channels, through the “Go Less Printing” program which can reduce the consumption of printed paper and its associated costs.