Customer Comms

Optimize the multi-channel customer communications of companies from all industries.

We help optimize the multi-channel communication processes of companies and organizations from all industries, carrying out a wide range of actions in acquisition, promotion and retention through which we achieve the monetization of each customer contact, thus reducing fixed costs and increasing results.
Customer Comms offers a variety of solutions for customer communication throughout the entire life cycle, optimizing the use of alternative channels and performing in-depth analysis on customer behavior to raise their satisfaction level.

Examples of successfully implemented solutions:
  • Commercial messages to attract new customers.
  • Sending of customized quotes.
  • Welcome packs for new customers.
  • Optimize the resources of customer service areas, improving complaint management and increasing customer retention.
  • Contract renewal with the option of up/cross selling.
  • Competition neutralizing campaigns in record time (time to market).
  • Gradual paper reduction management (Go Less Printing).
  • Certified communications and eProcurement.
Our services and solutions adapt to the idiosyncrasies of each of the industries thanks to the flexibility of our tools and our consulting staff’s ability to adapt.


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