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CommsBox: Access to documentation in just one click

The documents and communications exchanged by the company with customers, suppliers and distribution channels must be accessible to all parties throughout the customer life cycle for the previous contracting processes after procurement and during the after-sales service stage. The ability to certify or apply electronic signatures to documents and communications gives transactions legal value.

If you would like to make documents and communications available to all concerned, including those with legal scope, while reducing production and communication management costs, then the solution is to have a Digital Business mailbox with integrated electronic signature and certification, which is accessible by customers, suppliers and the distribution channel.
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CommsBox is a digital business mailbox, a completely safe online private area, through which all your customers will be able to access contracts, invoices, orders, offers, etc., and other communications sent by regular mail or email, in the form in which they were created, indefinitely keeping them in a safe place, without risk of loss, and easily accessible with a single click.

From the standpoint of Sales and Marketing, each communication becomes a powerful form of dialogue with the customer, which will ensure their loyalty in addition to attracting new customers. Furthermore, your departments related to customer communication can check each message that the customer has received, and will be able to know with certainty if it has been delivered and read.

CommsBox incorporates the ability to certify communications by email and SMS as well as obtain both advanced and certified electronic signatures for more secure transactions with your customers.
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