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CommsCert: Give legal value to your communications.

The digital transformation in the customer relationship reaches its maximum level when critical communications between the company and the customer can be certified, thus acquiring legal value.

CommsCert is a certifying module for email and SMS multi-channel communications which is based on the use of Camerfirma services as a certifying entity and the intervention of Customer Comms as a trusted third party, both of which are approved by the Ministry of Industry.

Use Case

  • The email service provides a simple way to send certified electronic mail and attached content. It does not need any type of software integration or installation at the sender or receiver of the certified electronic mail.
  • The certified SMS service is based on the use of a domestic mobile telephone communications provider for delivery and control, ensuring the safety and reliability of the messages.
The certification of email or SMS communications certifies the origin, recipient, content and timing of the communication, thereby reducing the risk taken when communication handling occurs. The certificate has a digital signature with a “hash” of the message and a time stamp from the certifying body (Camerfirma).

It includes the custody and time stamp for a minimum period of five years, which is expandable every five years.
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