Customer Comms

CommsChannel: integrated multi-channel distribution of customized messages.

The key to the execution of omni-channel communications is the ability to process customized messages in different formats (text, graphics, images, audio and video) through the channels in an integrated manner and in real-time.

CommsChannel is a platform that distributes communications in different formats for different output channels, collecting the response of each channel in real-time and providing feedback to the campaign manager, CommsManager, to create new communications that allow customer communication processes to be optimized by analyzing the customer journeys.
The benefits that CommsChannel provides companies are:

  • It allows different messages to be launched simultaneously through diverse channels.
  • It connects the different Communicalia modules with the broadcast channels of the company’s own messages.
  • It facilitates secure access to document and communication repositories.
  • It integrates data entry and provides reports and statistics in real-time for each channel in a jointly manner.
  • It facilitates the modeling of responses by tracing customer journeys.
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