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CommsData: advanced processing and analysis of data and results.

The data, both socio-demographic and behavioral, and its analysis are the key to any omni-channel marketing customer communication. The quality of the data determines its value and at the same time the amount of data from customers is so diverse and enormous, and the immediacy of its use is so necessary that only the use of BigData technology and advanced analytics can process them.

CommsData is a tool which, in addition to processing and managing data, through its advanced analytical capabilities it enables the analysis of customer interactions in real-time using both historical data such as behavioral data to find out about the customer at any time in their lifecycle with the company, while continuously enriching the database.
  • It allows the results of customer interaction to be optimized through integrated analysis based on two areas:
    • Data management:
      • Cleaning, validation, standardization and de-duplication.
      • Enrichment with National Statistical Institute (INE), land registry and property census data in addition to geographic coordinates.
      • Checking of Robinson List..
      • Strict compliance with with the Spanish Law on Personal Data Protection and the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Act.
    • Data Mining:
      • Profile segmentation and collection to determine customer value, propensity to switch, fraud identification, etc.
      • Behavioral analytics of the customer in the multichannel interaction.
Scheme Commsdata
  • It develops an analytical strategy based on lead nurturing and lead scoring to enrich each record with the data obtained from interaction in the communication process. In this way, the records will be classified not only in terms of the criteria previously established in the database but also by the behavior in previous campaigns.
  • It enables the creation of a scorecard to analyze large volumes of information from visual summaries of metrics and key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Since the communication’s management strategy does not stop in the conversion but in the analysis of customer behavior, which will be the basis for subsequent decision making, it facilitates the identification of problems and opportunities to optimize the communication process and improve conversion. The campaign’s final report is the essential step for optimizing customer communication processes.
Scheme Commsdata
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