Customer Comms

CommsDesigner: collaborative design of customized multi-channel communications.

The design of customer communications has become highly complex through the use of highly customized messages through different channels viewed by the customer on various devices and with the involvement of different partners. The solution is to have a single composer of multi-channel communications both for offline channels (print, archives and customized video) and online (email, SMS, mobile, Internet) which allows the design processes to be managed regardless of the channel and in a collaborative environment.

CommsDesigner is the tool that makes the creation of individualized and interactive multi-channel communication possible in a collaborative and web accessible manner that is safe, according to the communication strategy.
  • It is a highly intuitive graphical tool which is used to design customized messages by introducing a variety of dynamic elements: images, text, tables, etc.
  • It designs customized communications in a collaborative process with the participation of different partners (marketing, sales and legal departments, and even the regulatory agency).
  • It enables the management of a variety of documents and communications, taking the business rules, the target audience and the output channel into account.
  • It has a user interface in a web environment, which is easy to use and is designed by communication experts to facilitate the work of the users.
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