Customer Comms

CommsManager: campaign management in real-time.

Customer communications have become extremely complex through the use of highly customized messages via different channels, which are received by the customer through various devices. The management of this complex communication is also performed in real-time. The solution is to have the latest campaign manager.

CommsManager is an advanced campaign manager that performs the planning, execution, and automated control and real-time monitoring of campaigns for individualized multi-channel communications, providing the customer with the best experience and optimizing interaction costs.
The benefits it brings to the company are:

  • It manages segments generated from an analytical tool like CommsData.
  • It allows real-time campaign control. In addition to reducing execution time, it increases the effectiveness of customer communication thanks to real-time campaign control and deep response analysis.
  • It has an online scorecard allowing the decision maker to control the development of the campaign and interact, while modifying the execution parameters on the go.
  • It creates a collaborative environment facilitating control over user interaction by assigning multiple roles, depending on the needs of each business.
  • It integrates and strengthens interaction across multiple channels. It develops a cross-channel strategy that ensures the scope of the target audience and facilitates the integration of their response.
  • It facilitates real-time reporting. It provides consolidated statistics on the customer’s behavior in the interaction which allows their needs to be known in-depth.
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