Customer Comms

CommStore: Omnichannel communications with the customer integrated into a single repository.

Customer Care departments lack integrated and updated information and other key communications that their company is having with the customers, as these interchanges are taking place in other non-integrated channels. In other words, they do not have a 360º overview of what is happening with that specific customer and thus are unable to provide the most suitable response in any given situation.

An example would be the case in which a customer wishes to clarify one point or another on an invoice that he has just received from the Company and the Customer Care department must be able to have visual access to that specific invoice in order to answer the customer´s doubt properly

To achieve a full 360º vision of all the company´s omnichannel communication, Communicalia has developed and implemented its unique CommStore module.

CommStore provides the Company and its customers a single repository accesible through a web browser. Each and every communication that has been exchanged between the Company and each customer is available in such a way that every single department in the Company, specially Customer Care, is able to share all types of communications, be it marketing or transactional in nature, with the customer in real time.
  • It is a repository for printed, email and sms communications as well as audio and video contents.
  • Providing access to both the company and its customers and the distribution channel.
  • Enabling all of those involved direct access to contracts, invoices, bills, purchase orders, proposals,…
  • Providing access to a private, totally secured space in Internet
  • Storing easily accesible delivered communications, throughout an agreed-upon length of time, maintaining its original type of issuing with no risk of loss.
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