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Integrated multi-channel communication in a single platform.

Communicalia is the Customer Comms platform that offers a comprehensive solution for improving data analytics, as well the creation, distribution and management of multi-channel customer communications which integrates all channels, both offline (print, archives, customized videos and call center) and online (email, SMS, mobile, Internet, messaging and social networks). This enables the automation of customized communication campaigns directed to a broad database that is managed in real-time within an omni-channel strategy, ensuring fast return on investment.

Communication process automation represents a major increase in cost effectiveness as it allows the customization of messages and an immediate reaction to responses. At the same time, it optimizes customer communication, drastically reducing operating costs and turning communication objectives into economic benefits for the company.

Comunicalia is a flexible tool capable of adapting communication processes in various industries, while taking into account the peculiarities of each company. All this is based on customer behavior analysis in order to develop individualized campaigns with messages and channels adjusted to the needs of each customer in real-time.
It is a cloud platform usable in an Outsourcing format or SaaS (Software as a Service) in a web environment and safe mode that enables user access through a browser from anywhere. Users participate through a workflow depending on the responsibilities previously assigned to them, allowing the development of communication campaigns in a collaborative environment between internal departments and external suppliers.
It includes the following features and benefits:
  • Design and creation of complex, individualized, multi-format and multi-channel messages.
  • Campaign management from the definition of the messages and the target audience.
  • Collaboration between internal and external users.
  • Automation of tasks and event programming.
  • Optimized execution of campaigns and monitoring of results.
  • Customer behavior analysis through a multi-channel environment in real-time.
  • The improvement of data quality and its enrichment.
  • The certification of communications and electronic signatures.
Communicalia is a modular solution tailored to different environments and customer needs by providing flexibility in its implementation and use within organizations.

Communicalia modules:
Data analysis
and analytical report.
Campaign management
in real-time.
Collaborative design of
multi-channel communications.
Integrated multi-channel
Integrated omnichannel communication repository
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