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All companies need to create a good Customer Journey when they send their communications in order to generate a positive experience for their customer. To satisfy this need, every organisation should have a CustomerJourneyMapping tool through which they can manage these dispatches quickly and easily. Failure to implement this type of solution would mean inadvertently communicating relevant information such as customer behaviour with their communications, and this would directly affect the success of their campaigns and dispatches.
To achieve great customer experiences we need immediate access to information and services through a growing selection of digital channels, online services and mobile applications. However, digital transformation is not only about communicating through new channels, but about improving your company to keep pace with the current market. Only then will you be able to ensure your organisation is connected to its customers and offer a truly comprehensive digital experience.

Quadient Suite is a solution that will allow you to design, manage and deliver communications efficiently thanks to tools like the Customer Journey Mapping through a low code platform with a highly intuitive interface. In addition, Quadient will help you achieve a high delivery rate of your communications thanks to its Data Quality software to improve your customer database.
Quadient Suite offers a comprehensive tool to your company with the following features and benefits:

  • Creation and management of personalised omni-channel experiences, not only digital, with communications through a Customer Journey Mapping tool.
  • Creation and drafting of simpler communications for your staff through templates previously approved by the customer or one of its departments.
  • Facilitates interdepartmental management and communication with the customer when making communications through the ‘comments’ option.
  • Faster communication development with more than 100 animations and HTML5 components.
  • Software capable of improving the quality of your customers' data, thus obtaining a contact database with information that is complete, accurate and updated.
  • Validation of emails for the protection of your company and its customers.
  • Process tracking. You will learn about the behaviour of your customers through their dispatches and decide if a change is required in their Customer Journey.

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Customer Communications Management


  • Consistent omni-channel communications
  • Performance management and compliance
  • Empowering commercial users
  • Platform for dispatch management
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Digital Experience


  • Personalised digital experience
  • Onboarding
  • Mobile and web applications
  • Fast development in mobile applications
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Customer Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping

  • Comprehensive Customer Journey Map
  • Real-time collaboration
  • CX view in the silos
  • Improved CX during its development

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Data Quality


  • Single customer view
  • Data cleansing and consolidation
  • Data enrichment
  • Regulatory compliance
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Convergence between Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM)

CCM and CXM must be merged through tools such as Customer Journey Mapping so that the customer experience is completely positive and successful


The recipe for success: "consistent" customer data and an omni-channel strategy

The inability to maintain an up-to-date and enriched database has a negative impact on the customer experience (CX) that hinders the success of your business

Quadient Inspire R12

Learn how Quadient's Customer Journey Mapping software works, a tool to manage all communications with your customers in a simple way

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