Customer Comms

The integration of technologies and the development of customer centric multi-channel communication products.

Any individualized customer communication strategy initially starts with Goals, which along with the creation of Content and customer Intelligence define the communication plan that is executed through the chosen channels, placing the customer at the center of the communication.

Individualized and customer-centric multi-channel communication requires the integration of different technological solutions (presented separately until now) for data management, campaign management, communication design and creation, and distribution through channels with consolidated management and analysis of the responses that feed the process.
In order to collectively carry out this process, integrated platforms that allow the data content, business rules and execution to be managed from start to finish are required. To make the communication even more efficient and provide a better customer experience, management should be performed in real-time.

When communications need to have a legal value, assistance is sought from certification bodies and trusted third parties whose services must also be integrated into the platforms.

These platforms should be integrated with the CRM, BI, ERP and ECM systems and Business Process of the companies and their distribution channels so that the whole process is automated with minimum human intervention.

When the platforms are self-service for users using the option of web access, they become universal communication tools both for the company and its distribution channels.
Customer Comms provides companies with communication platforms that meet these requirements both in the form of Service (SaaS) and Outsourcing.

Examples of these platforms are Communicalia and CommsBox.
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