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Administrative mailing performed by office staff with local printers and manual enveloping costs companies millions of euros each year due to hidden costs mainly employee productivity losses as a result of lower-level activities such as printing, enveloping and transporting correspondence to a reception center for mail delivery.

PostaMail ( is a solution that enables these hidden costs to be drastically reduced with just a few clicks on the computer..

It works like a virtual printer on each employee’s computer which, through mail management software, centralizes printing and daily document production by your company’s staff in just three steps. The documents are printed, placed in envelopes and distributed to the mailroom, to the company mail office branch or to the printing service company..
Solutions Administrative Correspondence
PostaMail provides the company the following benefits:
  • Saves one working day with each 100 emails.
  • Increases control over deliveries and their contents.
  • Reduces returned mail caused by incorrect addresses by 50%..
  • Reduces carbon footprint.
  • Contains a Digital file for reference.
Solutions Administrative Correspondence
automatically prepares mail for the centralized production required.
securely sends the mail that will be processed by any centralized production facility, both an internal printing department and an external service provider.
tracks where each mailing is in the printing and delivery process. The last step is to report the status back to the sender.
The company will have management reports for each employee or department to find out who performs the mailing and its costs, both for printing and distribution as well as a digital archive for the correspondence.

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