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Data Quality as the basis to optimize its analysis.

Within the scope of the on-going digital transformation process as related to customer communications, data analysis and how corporations are interacting with their customers is the basis to attain a better all-around Customer Experience in respect to the omnichannel communication processes. In order to fully optimize this analysis, data must be of the highest quality possible, in other words, complete, enriched with external variables and, perhaps most importantly, reliable.

Business case: Multisector.
Enhanced data quality for strengthening Geomarketing techniques.
Nonetheless, in the real world the vast majority of companies certainly lack high quality data, which leads not only to major financial losses but also to very, very poor customer service.

Proper data quality will allow them to accurately identify each customer’s very own set of needs, thus improving the customer experience and strengthening both the customer acquisition and retention phases, which, at the end of the day, means greater sales revenue as well as operating cost savings.

Customer Comms’ proprietary Data Quality Solution both improves and completes data, starting from its point of origin, applying quality rules for more complete data gathering, and in the later massive normalization and enriching processes to guarantee an optimal data handling and analysis.
This Solution includes the following services:
Soluciones Data quality
  • Data Cleansing, providing data hygiene and cleansing:
    • Checking and normalizing all postal and email addresses as well as telephone numbers.
    • Elimination of all data duplicities.
  • Data Plus, to enrich data and cross-check information with other external sources such as:
    • INE. (Spanish National Statistic Institute).
    • Real Estate Registry.
    • Geo-referencing.
    • Social Media and Internet. Web crawling techniques.
  • Data Law, to guarantee legal compliance:
    • LOPD, LSSI.
    • Robinson Listings.
Soluciones Data Quality
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