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The excessive use of mass direct marketing without customization or adaptation to context, leads to the receiver rejecting this type of communication. Companies have responded to by considerably reducing the amount of mailings they send out. By appreciating the strength of this direct communication tool, its redefinition is deemed necessary based on the quality and relevance of the communication and not its quantity. Therefore, the objective will be to strengthen the message’s customization and relevance through the use of advanced analytics that identify the needs of the consumer, and the use of mass customization technologies.

Comms Customer helps companies to put the customer at the center of the communication process. The customer chooses the experience they want to have by selecting the message they are the most interested in, at the right time for them to receive it, and in the channel and support where they want to carry out the interaction. The strengthening of the relationship with the customer leads to an increase in response rates and, consequently, it increases the return on investment.
Business case: Composite Insurance Industry.
Sending and management of newsletters to Agents/Brokers.
Business case: Automotive Industry.
Marketing Automation Solution.
Message customization in Direct Marketing communications:
Solutions Direct Marketing
  • Increases the response rate by more than 35% as a result of the customization.
  • Strengthens the credibility of the message and the brand..
  • Increases sales efficiency.
  • Builds a closer relationship with your customers.
  • Reduces drop-out rates.
Solutions Direct Marketing
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