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Digital transformation in direct communications between companies and their customers is a highly topical issue. The migration from communications on paper to electronic solutions is performed in a gradual process with Less Printing. To do this, the customer is given the opportunity to choose their preferred communication channel, refraining from the printing channel if desired. This choice, in order to have full legal effect, is certified using digital communication certification processes.

The advantage of having an integrated multi-channel communication platform is that it enables not only for the customer to decide on the channel that they want for a specific type of communication, but also, once that decision is made, a physical mail delivery is automatically created if the electronic channel does not work to ensure the communication’s authenticity. For example, if an email delivery of a communication regarding increasing insurance premiums does not reach the customer, a mail delivery is automatically generated with a SMS notice warning that the mailbox was inaccessible.

The control of the entire process is guaranteed thanks to Communicalia, a multi-channel communication platform which allows the integration of different channels: paper, email and SMS with legal certification of the processes by Customer Comms as a trusted third party.
Business case: Telecommunications Industry.
Certificated Welcome Pack certificate. Go Less Printing.
Business case: Financial Industry.
Automated Multi-channel Investment Fund Reports from XBRL files.
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Solutions Go Less Printing
By adopting the “Go Less Printing” solution, the company will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Dramatic reduction in printing and distribution costs.
  • Meet legal regulations on paper and electronic communications.
  • Reduction in carbon footprint.
  • Transform the physical processes of customer communication into digital processes.
  • Improve the “time to customer” in communications on paper.
Solutions Go Less Printing
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