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Customer Experience covers the entire set of interactions that a user has with a certain firm, including his/her brand perception as well as all of the emotions and feelings that he may have throughout that relationship. In order to reach the best possible Customer Experience, and thus the highest possible level of customer satisfaction, each and every need that he has at each touch point must be thoroughly analyzed and the best solutions must be provided, as well as identifying any and all points of improvement.

Customer Journey Mapping sketches the complexity of this customer experience and includes all of the numerous devices that are being used (PC’s, Smart phones, tablets...) in addition to the data, texts and graphic contents that all together comprise the set of personalized one-to-one communications that are being generated. To make an accurate, truly workable omnichannel customer experience it is vital to have a centralized system to sketch a reliable Customer Journey Map between all of the departments that may be involved (Marketing, Operations, Sales, Legal Affairs...) and thus facilitate the collaborative task of working together, creating consensus and quickly incorporating all agreed-upon modifications.
In order to successfully carry out this process successfully, Customer Comms provides our clients with the Best-in-Class tool, Customer Journey Mapping. This platform enables them to collaboratively design contents and automatically execute, within one single system, the omnichannel communication process, which leads to them providing a fluid, consistent, and, in a nutshell, fully satisfactory, Customer Experience.
Collaborative Customer Journey Mapping Management carried out with Customer Comms‘ Customer Journey Mapping tool provides the following features:
Journey Mapping
  • Everyone in the whole organization is looking at the process from an “outward-in” approach from the customer’s perspective.
  • A functional collaborative approach is encouraged and integrated with a single customer experience throughout the entire organization.
  • The design process and roll-out is much faster and in the client’s own hands.
  • The Legal Affairs Team and Regulatory Experts are fully integrated from the very first steps in the design process.
Journey Mapping
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