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Transactional communication of invoices, statements, policies, etc., provides the opportunity to strengthen customer relationships, increasing customer satisfaction and thus promoting their degree of loyalty, while carefully complying with legal regulations for such documents. When developing this communication in a multi-channel environment, companies face the challenge of creating and managing a large number of templates in different formats with a high degree of complexity. In order to make the necessary technology available to companies to further facilitate their customers’ understanding of the content, Customer Comms offers CommsDesigner as a web solution in the Communicalia platform. CommsDesigner is a module for designing and creating multi-channel templates in a collaborative environment, which gives high communication value to transactional documents through customized design and is easy to implement with the participation of internal departments as Marketing, Legal, Sales, etc., and even Advertising Agencies or Regulators. Finally, the communications created can be certified, thus acquiring legal value.
Business case: Retail Industry.
E-Invoice. Automated issuance.
Business case: Energy Industry.
Digital Transformation of Payment Recovery Processes..
Multi-channel transactional communications enable the following:
Solutions Transaccional
  • Transformation of documents into digital formats.
  • High level of safety in processes.
  • Contain an infinite amount of variability in terms of graphics, colors, images, messages, channels, etc
  • Keep quality, consistency and speed in the highest volumes.
  • Reduce risk and error through automatización total del proceso.
  • Increase legal value with certified communications and electronic signatures.
Solutions Transaccional
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