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If you had three minutes of your customers’ attention, what would you say to them? Studies show that almost 100% of transactional documents are opened and consumers spend an average of three minutes reading their bills and statements. Communicalia’s CommsDesigner module allows companies to capture these three minutes of attention to transactional communications so that they can include promotional messages or operational information in the blank spaces, such as name changes and new business rates. Additionally, various internal departments and external entities such as Advertising Agencies and Regulators can participate in the message’s design in a collaborative environment with tools that manage the complexity of the content in the images, text and data, thus replacing spreadsheets. Transpromo messages boost cross-selling and increase sales opportunities by filling the blank spaces in documents with promotional messages. It is ten times more effective than an advertising insert!
Business case: Composite Insurance Industry.
Automated Document Composition.
Business case: Energy Industry.
Transpromotional Communication.
Solutions Transpromo
TransPromo communication with white space management:
  • Increases response rates.
  • Customizes the promotional message by adapting it to the customer.
  • Leads to greater efficiency in all communications.
  • Reduces the cost of mailings by eliminating advertising inserts.
  • It is easily applicable to other digital formats such as email.
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