Customer Comms
A competitive market like the current one requires an immediate response to customers when they interact with the company. Complex communication design, which is carried out among various internal departments and external suppliers and usually coordinated by the marketing department, will lead to a limitation on the speed of the company’s response.

To speed up the “time to customer” in customer communication design and execution, while keeping the company in control of the entire process, Customer Comms has developed a web module in the Communicalia platform, called CommsPortal, which facilitates cross-channel communication with customers in a collaborative environment with all the required partners; from Marketing, IT and Legal departments to suppliers like advertising agencies and even regulators.

Furthermore, CommsPortal makes it possible for the distribution channel (agents, brokers, branches, franchisees, etc. via a browser) to access printed communication media (flyers, brochures, marketing letters, correspondence letters, complaint letters, etc.) and electronic communications (email, SMS or microsites) for their customer communications.
Business case: NGO Industry.
Multi-channel campaign portal.
Business case: Life and Health Insurance Sector.
Multi-channel customer communications portal.
Solutions Web to Mail
The “web to mail” solution offers the following benefits to the company:
  • On-demand communication in self-service format.
  • 24x7 availability.
  • Control of the company’s brand image.
  • Control of responses for each channel.
  • New communication actions depending on the response.
  • Drastic reduction in execution time.
Solutions Web to Mail
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